Adoption Stories

LostCats… Found!

name: Kate (Goochland, VA)
date: July 5, 2013
message: We found this patriot kitty at the fireworks show last night. He got passed around a few times, sniffed by a dog, dropped once, but now he’s safe in his new home (office window) Sweet!

name: AmuseVMFA (Richmond, VA)
date: February 24, 2013
message: Lost kitty is now a found kitty. Amuse has a pet!

name: Lindsey L. (Richmond, VA)
date: February 24, 2013
message: I found this guy yesterday! Don’t worry, he has a lovely home here with me, my roommates, art, and two living kitties. Thanks for this beautiful art gesture!

name: CatyB. (Richmond, VA)
date: February 24, 2013
message: Found! I want a cat so badly but I’m allergic. Clearly this was meant to be.

name: Allison D. (Short Pump, VA)
date: April 21, 2012
message: Found my cat today in Barnes & Noble! How fun!

name: Priya (Philly, PA >> NJ >> India!)
date: June 26, 2011
message: Found him last year at Philly, PA. Made it back to my home in NJ and now Rufus is on his way to India, as the first international cat!

name: Cassandra (Richmond, VA)
date: April 24, 2011
message: Found! Yay! I am so so so happy!

name: Amanda M. (Richmond, VA)
date: April 24, 2011
message: Found the one at Capital Ale House!!! …Thank you for hiding them! Our whole family made a day out of looking for kittens. We had a blast! We found one kitten and have provided a home right beside rainbow kitten.

name: Megan B. (Richmond, VA)
date: April 22, 2011
message: Bought our new friend a spicy chicken sandwich!

name: Alex (Richmond, VA)
date: March 10, 2011
message: A few months ago I found a Lost Cat at a Gay RVA event at the restaurant The Empress. I decided to take it home with me. A couple weeks ago I noticed the Lost Cat on my bookshelf, and I became inspired by this project. I decided to create a stop motion video with the Lost Cat I found.
Take Me Home by Alex Curley

name: Dayle (Richmond, VA)
date: October 26, 2010
message: We found Aries at InLight!

name: Corinne (Richmond, VA)
date: October 24, 2010
message: Found this treasure at InLight – thanks!

name: Shawn (Richmond, VA)
date: October 22, 2010
message: I was walking down Cary St. with my Dad and little brother when I found the cat at the light festival. I thought it was really cool.

name: Lisa aka pumpkinlady (Richmond, VA)
date: October 22, 2010
message: I found a lost cat at Inlight in front of the Martin agency… thank you #lostcats goddess!

name: Ilanna (Richmond, VA)
date: September 21, 2010
message: I caught a twitpic of Squirt hanging around Penny Lane Pub and ran up 5th to rescue him!

name: Lindsey aka RVAfashionista (Richmond, VA)
date: September 20, 2010
message: I found Muffin last night at the #PTG Bachelor Auction. Such a cute little blue kitty. She matches a pair of shoes I have too! Muffin is in her new home hanging w/ the other critters at Casa de RVAfashionista.

name: Amanda M. (Richmond, VA)
date: September 18, 2010
message: The @lostcats-fairy visited last night @firebirdsgrill #ShortPump. Scored a sweet, red art cat for my desk!

name: V.Catrow (Richmond, VA)
date: September 17, 2010
message: This is Frannie. She keeps looking at me!

name: L.Eubank (Richmond, VA)
date: September 17, 2010
message: My @lostcats name is Dragon. She is very fierce

name: RVAnews (Richmond, VA)
date: September 17, 2010
message: Look what wandered into our office! #lostcats

name: k.Poole (Richmond, VA)
date: September 17, 2010
message: Jules has a great new home on my desk at work!

name: L.Geller (Richmond, VA)
date: September 16, 2010
message: I just got a lostcat! He’s green and absolutely adorable!… & his name is Frak! He’s precious! It’s like my own version of a purse puppy! In love!

name: JackGoesForth (Richmond, VA)
date: September 16, 2010
message:  Omigod! Was bartending at Cha Chas last night when I saw the cutest little puss* ever! I grabbed her up, “Miss Thing,” and instantly fell in love with my new green friend. She looked thirsty so I filled up a bottle cap full of tequila and watched adoringly as she licked it right up. ‘Miss Thing’ turned out to be an angry drunk, just like her daddy, and she proceeded to scratch the living hell out of me. I still love her though. I put Miss Thing out in the backyard today so she could chase and maim all the little rodents out there.  This weekend I plan on introducing Miss Thing to her new home: The back bar at Cha Chas Cantina. I hope she doesn’t drink all the tequila!

name: JessOfRVA (Richmond, VA)
date: September 13, 2010
message: guess who found a little orange lostcat @TheEmpressRVA

name: DUrbino (Richmond, VA)
date: August 4, 2010
message: Found one! #Carytown

name: KSiddall (Richmond, VA)
date: July 26, 2010
message: A lostcat? Nope. Found Cat. I love him! #smcrva

name: Roxy (Richmond, VA)
date: July 22, 2010
message: This was the first cat I found in the mines park today, and it was such an interesting little guy. I was on the lookout for more cats. What a joy it was!

name: StanleyFit (Richmond, VA)
date: July 11, 2010
message:  Lilly now lives on the Southside with me.  She has a great home.  She is photogenic and continues to hang out with her bestie Gordy and Miso.

name: Serataru (Richmond, VA)
date: July 11, 2010
message:  When my friends and I spotted the lostcats tip, we RAN out of Starlite, promising Beau the bartender that we’d be back soon to pay our tabs, “Promise!” His supportive response of, “GO GO GO!” made me smile as we sprinted out the door. A short time later, I found little Snowball chilling out on this windowsill.  I gave him to Beau upon our return to Starlite, in thanks for his support of a bunch of “kids at heart” who rushed to go rescue some lost kitties. Little Snowball has a great home with a sweet guy who really appreciates him.

name: Kevin (Richmond, VA)
date: July 6, 2010
message:  I just found a small cat statue at the BBall courts by Cary Town in Richmond.

name: StanleyFit (Richmond, VA)
date: July 5, 2010
message:  after hard work, sweat and tears, I’ve become a dad of a lost cat.
…/we have twin kittens. They R N a safe home. Thank U Lost Cats . I got the whole world in my hands.

name: Mariane (Richmond, VA)
date: June 28, 2010
message: I have Maggie. I made a sweep tonight, determined to come home with a set of cats, but only Maggie was on my route. She joins my seven real cats.

name: Charlie (Richmond, VA)
date: June 28, 2010
message: I found poor Phoebe out in the sweltering heat near Patterson & Libbie. She’s seen here with her new pal ElephantElephant. (EE is English, and we don’t talk about his, well, you know…)

name: Emelia (Richmond, VA)
date: June 28, 2010
message: Found Cat! Adorable red cat found in front of the Byrd Theatre. Tiny and sweet, he made my day! He is currently residing in my windowsill garden watching over all of the other furrier cats that already live here. Thanks.

4 Responses to Adoption Stories

  1. Ilana says:

    Found Cat! I caught a twitpic of Squirt hanging around Penny Lane Pub and ran up 5th to rescue him! After a cuddly evening with his 2 living&breathing cat sisters in my Carytown apartment, he is now perched on my desk at work, purring. I’m in love. Thank you!!

  2. alysonplante says:

    Hey now, Alex C.
    *That* is inspiring! Two paws up from Lost Cats. Thank you for sharing your video with everyone.

  3. alysonplante says:

    @Priya, Thank you for your kind update this morning (it brought us smiles all around!)
    We would love a photo if and when you have any to share. And we couldn’t be prouder of little Rufus! Sounds like one lucky kitty — best wishes for safe and adventurous travels to India.

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